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Because the location is new, navigators might not find the exact address. Please enter ‘Naalaojantie, Kolari’ into your GPS. This will guide you to the correct cottage road.

The road is 5 km long and well-signed. Drive to the end of the road, to the parking area. When you’re almost there, you will first see a brown cottage on your left. Continue for about 50m from here. You will see Äkäsjoen piilo down on your left, amidst a riverside view.

If it has snowed, you can find a snow shovel leaning against a tree at the parking area, and you might need to shovel a path open to the cottage.

If you get stuck with your car and need help, please contact: Kolarin Autoapu 24h, +358400891770 or +358405915173.

Water comes to the kitchen from the veil, sometimes in extreme weather, the veil might freeze. In this case, you can get water from the sauna tab, this water comes from the river.

To use the sauna tab, you must first put the light on inside the sauna (left side of the sauna door), so the water pump works. The switch you can find from the dressing room, behind the sauna glass door. Please turn the light off when not using the sauna to prevent any water accidents.

There’s a wifi you can use: DNA-WIFI-5225

Password: 17589173

Sheets and towels can be found on the beds. Our cleaner will charge €28 per set for used linens. We request payment through Airbnb based on usage. If you choose to use your own sheets, please set aside the provided linens on the nightstand.

If you use our linens, kindly place them in the laundry bag upon departure.

  • In the kitchen cabinet under the sink, you will find waste sorting bins for mixed waste, plastic, glass, and metal, to be disposed of separately. Please take the plastic, glass, and metal to either the Kolarin or Ylläs recycling points. You can leave the mixed waste bin at the green waste container located at the beginning of the cottage road.

    Here are the locations for waste disposal and recycling:

    1. K-market Jounin Kauppa, Sannanrannantie 3, Äkäslompolo

    2. S-market Kolari, Jokijalantie 2, Kolarin kirkonkylä:

      • Cardboard
      • Glass
      • Metal
      • Paper
      • Plastic
    3. Former Valintatalo, Jokijalantie 65 / Kauppakuja 2, Kolarin kirkonkylä

    4. K-market Kolari, Asematie 1, Kolarin kirkonkylä

    5. Äkäslompolo Fire Station, Sivulantie 8, Äkäslompolo

    6. K-market Eelin Kauppa, Tirroniementie 1, Ylläsjärvi

    7. Sieppijärvi School, Sisuntie 2, Sieppijärvi:

      • Cardboard
      • Glass
      • Metal
      • Paper

    Please dispose of your waste responsibly and thank you for contributing to our recycling efforts.

The goal is to plow the road such that there is no more than 15 cm of snow on it. However, when there is heavy snowfall, it might take up to 24 hours to get the road plowed.

If you want to ensure or request a quicker snow plowing service, please call Janni at: +358 50 361 4949

If you get stuck with your car and need assistance, please contact:

Kolari Roadside Assistance 24h, +358400891770 or +358405915173

The general emergency number is 112.

Tel. +358 40 708 9179

Appointment scheduling +358 40 4112262

If you have any questions, please send a message to Jani either through Airbnb or WhatsApp at +358503614949.

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