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Pello Riverside 1

25 km north of the Arctic Circle in the middle of nature, at RiverCamp in the most beautiful spot of Pello.

Welcome to Pello Riverside 1 Mini Cottage!

Experience the unique Lapland nature in a Lapelland scenic cabin (for 2+1 people), located by the Tornio River and completed in 2024. The compact cabin offers a stunning river view from the terrace and the large windows of the cabin. Enjoy a sauna, grill on the terrace, and take in the views.

Enjoy the Lapland nature and fishing in the best salmon river in Europe. The Muonionjoki River is 30 meters away.

A tiny cabin near the river

A warm, compact, and eco-friendly tiny cabin with a river view by the Tornio River, offering complete privacy. Despite its small size, the cabin has a cozy atmosphere and all the necessary amenities for a longer stay.

Ideal for travelers in Lapland, nature enthusiasts, and fishing. The cabin is part of the Lapelland Village network and the Lapland Riverside concept.

30 meters from the Muonionjoki River. Fishing permits and the best tips are available on-site.

The cabin is in a stunning location on the riverbank!

The stove and sauna are heated with wood, which is provided on-site and included in the price.

Inside, there is a kitchenette, a bedroom with a double bed, and an additional sleeping space on the living room sofa.