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Summer Season

During the summer season, you can enjoy stunning fishing opportunities and explore the landscapes of Lapland by hiking, horseback riding, canoeing, and mountain biking.


Kolari is known for its excellent fishing opportunities. It offers top-notch spots for fishing enthusiasts year-round, whether you’re excited about catching wild grayling in flowing water, the magnificent salmon in the border river, a large trout in a clear mountain lake, or Arctic char in a small forest pond. The area has numerous lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams, giving anglers the opportunity to test their skills.

The nearby Tornion-Muonionjoki river in Kolari is one of the best salmon rivers in Europe. Fish can be found in nearly all of Kolari’s water bodies. Here are a few of the best fishing spots in the area.

Book a guided fishing trip

On a guided trip, you’ll get to the best fishing and hunting spots and receive tips on the intricacies of fishing in the Western and Northern Lapland regions.

Äkäsjoki River

The Äkäsjoki river originates from Äkäsjärvi and expands into a lagoon in the Äkäslompolo village, which signifies the widening of the river. The waters of the Äkäsjoki river join the mighty flow of the Muonio river at the Äkäsjoensuu village. Almost 50 kilometers long, the Äkäsjoki river is the area’s gem for fishing native grayling. The river’s shallow nature, rapids, and pools make it especially appealing to fly fishermen. It’s important to note that trout fishing is protected in the Äkäsjoki river. The fishing season is from June 1st to August 31st.

Väylä’s Salmon

Tornion-Muonionjoki, colloquially known as “Väylä”, is the dream destination for many anglers, with the coveted species clearly being salmon. The river, stretching several hundred kilometers, offers plenty of room for salmon anglers. The face of most salmon fishers lights up with a broad smile when a hard-fighting king of fish strikes at a lure, spoon, or fly. In addition to salmon, grayling also eagerly bites on lures. Salmon weighing over 20 kg have been caught in the Väylä.

Around the Ylläs area, the Väylä offers easily accessible and excellent spots for salmon fishing. Salmon rowing has its own tricks, which you can learn by going fishing with a guide. Boats can be rented and Lappean Lohi offers guided trips.



Rautujärvi is a popular fishing destination all year round, and the summer ice fishing competition held in July attracts a large number of participants. Various fish species such as rainbow trout, whitefish, and grayling have been stocked in the lake. It is also possible to rent a boat for fishing from this location. The fishing period is all year round, and the species include, among others, rainbow trout, whitefish, and grayling. Purchase your fishing permit for Rautujärvi here!


The stunning scenery of Kesänkijärvi captivates every visitor – the rugged fells rise on both sides of the lake. A parking area is available on the shore of the lake. Kesänkijärvi, located between Kesänkitunturi and Yllästunturi Kellostapuli, is stocked with catch-size rainbow trout about four times a year. You can catch fish in winter by ice fishing or in summer by fishing from the shore or from a boat. The lake also contains whitefish, which is a test of the angler’s skills.

At the eastern end of the lake is a hut and lean-to, accessible either by boat across the water or by following the nature trail running near the shore. The fishing season is all year round, species include: Rainbow trout, whitefish, perch.

Services: Parking area, rental boat (Sport Corner Ylläs), boat launch, lean-to, hut

You can obtain fishing permits for Kesänkijärvi here.

Horseback Riding

At Ylläs, you can engage in horse riding all year round. You can experience the nature of Lapland throughout the year on various guided horse riding tours, treks, and camps on the back of the gentle, small-sized, and strong Icelandic horse, often affectionately known as “issikka”. Ylläs Trekking Horses offer expert guidance for groups, adapting to the skill level of the participants.


Hiking and Nature Trails

Explore breathtaking landscapes and untouched wilderness in the Kolari area by hiking its nature trails. The nearby Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park offers stunning views and a diverse range of flora and fauna.


Mountain Biking and eBiking

Ylläs and its seven fells offer Finland’s best cycling terrains and excellent opportunities for cycling all year round. In 2019, a public jury chose Ylläs as the best mountain biking destination of the year.

Located right next to Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park and surrounded by seven fells, Ylläs provides outstanding conditions for mountain biking. You can ascend to the top of a fell or cycle through the open pine forest. The trails vary from easy-to-navigate maintained paths to more challenging forest routes. The area has diverse terrains and differences in altitude. Ylläs features 190 km of shared use trails suitable for cycling, with most of them passing through Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. Ylläs is a paradise for mountain bikers, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cyclist.

The mountain biking season runs from June to September. The snow typically melts and the terrain dries up in June. Cycling conditions continue until October, when the routes become covered in snow.

Canoeing or Kayaking

Rent a canoe or kayak and explore the peaceful waters in the Kolari area. Paddle along tranquil rivers and lakes, enjoying the serenity of nature and the beautiful surroundings.

Visit a reindeer farm

Spend a charming visit with reindeer at Villa Vaamila, near Ylläs. Together, we will feed the reindeer in the enclosure, light a fire and brew some coffee. We’ll taste homemade berry and flower juice as well as pastries baked in the morning.


Observing Wildlife

Experience the diverse wildlife of the Finnish Lapland. This could involve bird watching, seeking out traces of wolves, or capturing sight of a brown bear or a reindeer in the wilderness. In the Kolari region, you’ll have the chance to see a range of unique animals in their natural habitat.


Wood Sauna & Swim in a River or Natural Spring

After the soft steam of our wood sauna, you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the Äkäsjoki River or in a cold water pool made in a natural spring next to the cottage. The combination of sauna heat and swimming in cold water balances stress, promotes blood circulation, relaxes muscles, and strengthens the immune system.


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